Who are we?

We are divorced fathers whose contacts to our children have been violated or in worst cases prevented entirely. Too often, for the same reasons, our children’s grandparents and other relatives have needed to join us. As support members we have also many other people who have become aware of this problem.

Even if the father has been evaluated fully capable as a parent, too often the child is suffering from custody harassment and at worst from alienation. Typically problems persist for years and the child is suffering from them even as a grown-up. We feel that this state of affairs is unconstitutional and a detriment to society.

The association acts in a gender-neutral way. In most cases especially fathers have great difficulties after divorce in trying to maintain their relationship with their children. The name of the association describes the concern of children by the majority of members.

We influence political decision-making, authorities’ attitudes and legislation in order to achieve the objectives of the association and the best interests of children.